pool fence hacienda heights caClient Name and How They Found Us:

The client’s name was Ann who found Kings Pool Fencing through a Google Search. 


Hacienda Heights, CA

Was There An On-Site Evaluation:

Yes, we conducted an on-site evaluation on January 16, 2019, and installed their pool fence on April 19, 2019. 

Hacienda Heights, CA is located within Los Angeles County, meaning homeowners must ensure their pools are adherent to Los Angeles pool fence regulations. These regulations state that privately-owned pools in homes must be enclosed by a protective barrier or fence that is a minimum of 5 feet in height and the maximum vertical clearance from the ground to the bottom of the fence must be no greater than two inches.

pool fence hacienda heights caAll privately owned pool fences are required to be free of protrusions, cavities, or other physical characteristics that can serve as handholds or footholds. Additionally, the gap in the fence must not allow the passage of a sphere equal to or greater than 4 inches in diameter.

What Was the Scope of Work?

For this job, Ann contacted us to have a Life Saver pool fence installed as a protective safety barrier for her pool and backyard. She chose to have a 4’ tan fence installed with a tan border and brown mesh. They also had a square gate was also installed with their fence. 

For this installation we installed the fence in all concrete, however, there were three level changes we had to address during the installation. While this presented a challenge, our team was up for the task!

pool fence hacienda heights caLife Saver services all of Los Angeles County, Ventura County, and surrounding areas. Our pool fences are the strongest and most durable in the industry and come with a lifetime warranty. We use the strongest removable mesh pool fence available on the market, and our self-closing self-latching gates use at least 30% more material making the gate the best in the industry. 

King’s Pool Fencing services all of Southern California including Hacienda Heights. Contact us today to learn more about our top-rated pool fences and professional pool fence installations. Call (877) 521-5569 or contact us online for your FREE on-site estimate.