70’ of 5’ Tall, All Black Fence in Simi Valley, CA

Simi Valley Local Installation

Client Name and How They Found Us:

The client’s name was Naomi A. who was referred to us by a previous customer.


Simi Valley, CA

Was There An On-Site Evaluation?

No. Since Naomi was referred to us by a very reliable source (her parents!), she did not request an on-site evaluation. We did a google earth estimate and scheduled the job. The pool fence installation was completed in her Simi Valley home on February 21, 2019.

Simi Valley has strict pool fence codes and regulations that homeowners must oblige by. According to Pool Fence Barrier Requirement for Simi Valley, a pool must be completely isolated from access to a home by an enclosure that meets certain requirements.  Such requirements include removable mesh pool fencing. The fence must be a minimum height of 60 inches. The maximum vertical clearance from the ground to the bottom of the pool enclosure must not exceed 2 inches, and any gaps must not allow the passage of a sphere equal to or greater than 4 inches in diameter. Access gates through the enclosure must open away from the swimming pool and are self-closing with a self-latching device placed no lower than 60 inches above the ground, with a key lockable device.

70’ of 5’ Tall, All Black Fence in Simi Valley CA

Additionally, the home should be equipped with exit alarms on those doors providing direct access to the pool, and any doors providing direct access from the home to the swimming pool.

What Was the Scope of Work?

For this job, the home was being renovated prior to the homeowners moving in, and they wanted to have a pool fence installed prior to their move-in date. They were referred by their parents so they were already familiar with our product. Naomi chose to have 70’ of 5’ tall all black Life Saver Pool Fence with a self-closing, self-latching gate installed around her pool. There was about 15’ of dirt work with one side that stepped up onto a hillside.

70’ of 5’ Tall, All Black Fence in Simi Valley

Were There Any Challenges To This Job?

Yes, the home had a big step up onto a hillside which required us to use a riser pipe to bring the fence level with the hillside in order to allow the fence to continue seamlessly.

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