King’s Pool Fencing installs Saftron Pool Handrails throughout Los Angeles, Ventura, Orange County, Santa Barbara, and Kern County.

A Saftron handrail does not need to be bonded/grounded since there is no metal in it which also means no unsightly rust. Saftron railings will not only pass all applicable building codes when installed, but will continue to do so for many years thereafter as the fundamental design prohibits rust and other life threatening degradation.

Saftron railings are manufactured from a unique and advanced formula of resins, polymer, impact modifiers, stabilizers and ultra-violate light inhibitors formulated to resist the most abusive environments. This unique blend helps to resist the damaging effects of chemicals, salt spray, ultra-violet light and other site conditions. They will never rust, corrode, peel or flake; virtually eliminating maintenance costs.

“Value” exemplifies the SAFTRON safety railing system. The average cost of maintenance on a metal handrail due to corrosion can be many times the initial cost. In comparison, the cost of SAFTRON handrails actually diminishes over time when you factor in the costs associated with maintaining railings made from the more conventional materials. Saftron Handrails never get excessively hot like metal handrails and are always safe to grab. There are multiple color options to choose from including white, beige, gray, or black.

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SAFTRON Swimming Pool Handrails

Saftron Pool Handrail
Saftron Pool Handrail
Saftron Pool Handrail white