Client Name and How They Found Us:

Our client on this installation was Ott F. who found us through our parent site  

5’ Black Mesh Pool Fence in Bellflower, California


Bellflower, CA

In Bellflower, California all pools must be enclosed by a fence. The City of Bellflower Pool Safety Code states that every pool must be provided with a Pool Enclosure and Pool Barrier, which separates the pool from the neighboring properties, residences, and adjoining public areas. The requirements for a pool

barrier is that it must be a minimum height of 5’ (60”) measured on outside of fence, the fence should be

non-climbable, with no openings greater than 4”, the gate must be minimum 5’ (60”) high, unclimbable, shall swing away from pool area, and need to be self-closing and self-latching, and finally, the gate latch

must be located at minimum 54” above the finished floor. A mesh pool fence from Life Saver Pool Fence meets all of these safety requirements.

5’ Black Mesh Pool Fence in Bellflower, CA

Was There An On-Site Evaluation:

Yes, Ott is a new Kings Pool Fence customer and has an evaluation done on January 29 and the installation was completed on February 22.

What Was the Scope of Work?

For Ott’s installation, he needed to have 44 feet of 5-foot tall all black mesh fence installed around his pool. The fence was installed in concrete. Ott ultimately decided to go with a Life Saver pool fence because our fences are removable, extremely see-through.

Were There Anything Unique About This Job?

Yes, Ott rents his home and decided to have a pool fence installed to provide an added layer of protection to those renting it, especially in the event a family with small children rent his home. He ultimately decided to go with a 5-foot tall fence in order to provide for the ultimate level in safety for current and future renters and to comply with local pool fence regulations.

5’ Black Mesh Pool Fence in Bellflower

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