93 Feet of Brown Mesh Pool Fence in Montecito

Client Name and How They Found Us:

The client’s name was Martin G. who found us by doing a search on Google.


Montecito, CA

Was There An On-Site Evaluation:

Yes, Martin was a new customer, so after he contacted us and requested a quote, our team visited his home on February 11 to conduct an on-site evaluation.

Montecito, which is located in Santa Barbara County, California has strict pool fence codes and regulations that homeowners must oblige by. According to the Pool Fence Code for Santa Barbara a pool must be completely enclosed by a fence that is at least five feet (60”). Additionally, the fence must not have any openings, gaps, or holes shall not allow the passage of a four-inch sphere. The maximum vertical clearance from the ground to the bottom of the enclosure is two inches. The gate for the fence must open away from the pool and be equipped with self-closing and self-latching devices placed no lower than 54 inches above the ground.

93 Ft of Brown Mesh Pool Fence in Montecito, CA

What Was the Scope of Work?

For this job, which was completed on February 18, the homeowner wanted to have 93 feet of 4-foot tall fence installed. They decided to go with our brown mesh fence for their yard and accent it with tan poles. Their pool fence needed to be installed in stone that was laid on top of concrete which then needed to be cemented down.

Were There Any Challenges To This Job?

Yes, the homeowner’s pool had an automatic pool cover vault also installed, so we had to design the layout of the fence and install it in a way so the fence would avoid the pool cover vault and not interfere with its functionality.93 Feet of Brown Mesh Pool Fence in Montecito, California

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93 Feet of Brown Mesh Pool Fence in Montecito, CA