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King’s Pool Fencing hopes to help protect every backyard swimming pool in Southern California. We are a small family run company that cares about our customers and their loved ones. We have been in the pool industry for over 15 years. Zac started working in the swimming pool industry in 1992 as a swimming pool service technician. Removable mesh pool fencing was just starting to become popular and he always thought it was a great idea. He remembers asking his boss why they didn’t install it and his response was “nobody is going to want a removable fence!”

He took a break from the swimming pool industry between 2000-2007 and started working in the motorcycle industry. In 2007 he was laid off and got back into the swimming pool industry. He quickly built a pool route for himself and was having customers ask him to install a mesh safety fence for them. He told them he didn’t do that and referred them to some local fence companies. In 2010 after having so many customers ask him to install for a removable pool fence for them he started looking around to see if I could get set up with a swimming pool safety fence company. That’s when he found Life Saver Saver Pool Fence and after doing some research he quickly realized that Life Saver offered a far superior pool fence than what was being offered in the Southern California region. He flew out to Florida to be trained in installing removable mesh pool fence and soon afterwards was installing pool fences for his service customers. In 2012 his wife Stephanie started working with him and they decided to focus on the pool fence side of the business. In 2014 we sold our pool service business to solely focus on swimming pool safety fences and here we are today! We look forward to hearing from you and helping to protect your little ones.


Thank you,

Zac & Stephanie King


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