King’s Pool Fencing understands your worries about taking on the huge responsibility of adopting or being a foster parent and can help install that pool fence for Foster Care or Adoption code. We appreciate what you do and understand that working with the Adoption/Foster Agency and social workers may not be the easiest thing to do especially when dealing with their many requirements to Adopt or become a Foster Parent if you have a swimming pool in your yard. We are here to help you meet those requirements with our 5′ tall removable mesh pool fence with self closing self latching gate. We will suggest the best layout for you and tell you why we recommend doing that way, of course the final decision is always up to the social worker so we suggest you let the social worker know where you plan on installing the pool fence to avoid any unforeseen problems.

In order to meet Foster Care or Adoption code for pool fencing in California the pool fence must be 60″/5′ tall with a self closing self latching pool gate. The pool safety fence must enclose the swimming pool from the rest of the yard with no windows or doors leading out into the pool fence area. Many people think they can use the house as part of their pool fence but forget they have windows that lead out into the pool area. Pool Fence code for Foster Care or Adoption is different than pool fence code for new swimming pools and different rules and regulations must be adhered to. Give us a call at 877-521-5569 and we will give you a free pool safety evaluation and estimate.