Life Saver Pool Fence Parts & Accessories

King’s Pool Fencing is the top choice for pool fencing installations in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas. If you have small children, toddlers, or pets in your house, pool safety should be your top priority. That’s why we only offer families with the safest and strongest mesh pool fence which can be installed with accessories that can provide some added safety around an in-ground or above ground pool. Call (877) 521-5569 to request a quote or contact us online.

Along with our Life Saver Pool Fence installation services, we also provide the following accessories and replacement parts:

Life Saver Pool Fence Solar Lights

pool fence solar lights

Illuminate your pool deck area for weekend parties, get-togethers, and evenings by the pool side. For use with the Life Saver Pool Fence. Install Ground Cap Solar Light when the pool fence is removed from the deck. Featuring a white LED with 3 lumens of brightness, you can fit this light in sleeves that accommodate 1-inch fence posts replacing a pole sleeve’s ground cap.

These ground solar lights serve a dual purpose. They brighten up your pool ambiance and also define the perimeter of your water body. With a resilient plastic body, the light is powered by a rechargeable AAA battery (included). It charges in the sun or shade and provides up to an 8 hour run time.

Apart from the Ground solar lights, King’s Pool Fence also offers the Life Saver Pool Fence Solar Light that has the same functionality and charging mechanism.

Premium Ground Caps and Sleeves

Available in 1” sizes, these wide caps are designed for Life Saver Pool Fences. These universal cap designs fit all brands’ sleeves. Different color options available. We offer original Life Saver Pool Fence deck sleeves for standard core drilled 1 1/8″ holes. They accommodate 1″ pool fence poles. There are 12 sleeves per package.

ground caps

MagnaLatch Series 3 Top Pull – Magnetic Locking Latch

The new MagnaLatch Series 3 is the safest, toughest ergonomic MagnaLatch. MagnaLatch Series 3 pack houses a new visible lock indicator, 6-pin re-keyable security lock, vertical & horizontal alignment indicators, and much more. The product’s resilience and durability have been tested to 2 million cycles and it’s 50% stronger than before. With industry-leading magnetic technology, the MagnaLatch has a  permanent magnet sealed from the elements with alignment indicators, improved drainage in latch & striker body, and above all, is rust and corrosion-resistant.

With a Magnalatch attached to your pool fencing, you can be assured that your pool is securely locked and that your little ones cannot wander to the pool deck unattended.


Self-Closing Hinges

Apart from the Magnalatch, King’s also offers self-closing hinges that have alignment legs with dual adjustability. They come with optional decorative trim covers (black, brushed, or chrome), available for metal, wood, and vinyl gates.

Pool Alarms

Above Ground Pool Alarm – King’s Pool Fencing offers an above-ground pool alarm that is NSF Certified to the ASTM F2208 Pool Alarm Standard. This “Safety Buoy” floats on the water and uses Sub Surface Detection Technology. “Safety Buoy” comes with an In-House Remote Receiver, has a 1-year warranty, and is Made in the USA. Also, this safety buoy is operated using the Red key mechanism and is designed to detect intrusions in the water body(for example- small children). Your children are precious. Make sure you never leave them unattended, leading to an unfavorable situation.

In-Ground Pool Alarm – For pool owners, an in-ground pool alarm is one of the best safety measures, in addition to a pool fence enclosure. Safe, simple, and easy to operate, these battery-powered alarms do not require attachments like ropes or tie-downs. These devices use the “NEGATIVE DISPLACEMENT TECHNOLOGY”, sensing method. Any entry into the pool by children, pets, or intruders is detected by the unit’s electronic sensor, setting off a loud, pulsating alarm both in the home and at the pool.

pool alarm

Replacement Poles – Available Sizes – 3.5’, 4’ and 5’ Tall

King’s Pool Fence offers Life Saver Pool Fence replacement poles in case of wear, tear, or breakage of the original fence poles. Equipped with a strong reinforcement at the base for additional strength, these poles are made from heavy-duty, 6063-T6, aircraft-grade Aluminum. They are available in Black, White, Brown, Green, Tan, and Mill Finish. The pole will include the molding, and all necessary screws to complete the installation.

  • The total height for this 3.5’ pole is 48″ Inches. (42″ of the pole is for the mesh, the remaining 6” is for the portion that goes into the ground (4″) and above the mesh (2″)).
  • The 4’ size Model ‘D’ type poles are 54” in height- 48” +6”ground+2” above the mesh).
  • The 5’ size Model ‘F’ type poles are 66″ in height (60″ + 4″ ground+ 2” above the mesh).
Life Saver Pool Fence replacement poles

King’s Pool Fencing offers a Lifetime Warranty on all parts of the pool fence against any manufacturer’s defect. No legitimate warranty claim has ever been denied. If you face any problem for as long as you own your pool fence, we guarantee you efficient and timely services. We have been in business for over two decades, you can be assured that we all be around for you. At King’s Pool Fencing, your pool fence has a Lifetime Warranty.

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