Pool Safety Fence Installation For The Los Angeles Area

pool fence installer in Los Angeles, CAInstalling a pool safety fence is crucial to the safety of your children and even pets around your backyard swimming pool.  It’s important to have a quality safety pool fence installed with strong, durable fencing material.  A simple mistake in your pool fence choice or installation can lead to accidents.  At King’s Pool Fencing, we make sure your Life Saver Pool Fence installation is of the highest standards in the local area. Call 877-521-5569 or contact us online to request your FREE pool fence estimate.

Our Simple Steps to Pool Fence Installation

At King’s Pool Fencing, we ensure every step in the pool fence installation is done carefully and correctly.  We install with the exact measurements and ensure the swimming pool is safe from any damage due to the process.

The first step to our swimming pool safety fence installation is wet core drilling to get perfect holes with no damage to your deck or patio. With a solid foundation, we carefully analyze the layout of the installation and make sure that we have what you need before we arrive.  We use extended “earth” sleeves, hammer-driven poles and concrete footers when needed to make sure the Life Saver pool fence is properly serving its purposes for the next years to come.

The earth sleeves are longer than four inches and penetrate deep into layers of brick, sand, gravel, and other materials that are typical for backyard patios.  This ensures that bricks and the Life Saver Pool Fence remain firmly in place even when there is a heavy blow or hit to the fence.

Our pool safety fence installation also takes into account any change or modification requirement for the right length, height or customization.  These modifications make sure that both unadjusted and adjusted sections of the backyard swimming pool are the same quality, finish and style.

Our installers “re-border” all cuts so each section of the pool fence looks finished and maintains the strength of a factory finished section.  This gives your mesh pool fences a great look combined with durable strength.

All Life Saver pool fences are installed with extreme care and experience.

Call Now For Professional Pool Safety Fence Installation in Los Angeles

All of our installers take every necessary step to ensure a perfect pool fence installation. Our specialized staff focuses on arriving on time and installing a strong pool fence that maintains the style of your backyard. You can rely on us as being the top pool fence installer in the Los Angeles area.

Our pool safety experts are available to answer any questions you may have with your swimming pool fence or about the installation process.  Contact us here or call 877-521-5569 to get started.


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