How Much Does A Pool Fence Cost in Los Angeles, CA?

pool fence cost in Los Angeles
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The cost of protecting your family is priceless, pool fences are proven to be the number one solution to prevent accidental drowning for families that own pools. Installing a Life Saver Pool Fence is not only one of the best ways to protect your family, it’s the best fence available on the market.

There are some variants that affect the cost of installing a pool fence, however, the cost of our high-quality pool fences ranges from $16-$20 per foot. In the Los Angeles, the average pool fences we install for our customers is around 75 feet. This means on average a pool fence installation will cost you approximately $1200-$1500.

If you decide on installing a Life Saver Pool Fence, we begin every new installation with a FREE pool fence estimate so we can determine precisely what the cost will be for you. Our expert installers measure how many feet the installation will require and discuss options with you like whether you want a self-closing, self-latching pool gate, handrails, omni hangers, what color and height you prefer and whether custom work for stairs or grass is needed.

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Swimming Pool Fence Options

Each and every Life Saver Pool Fence installation is custom designed to meet the individual needs for your home, pool and family. Our clients are able to customize their pool fences with a variety accessories, colors and heights – allowing you to have the safest and unique swimming pool. Additionally, you have the option to include additional safety features like pool alarms, self-closing pool gate, pool rails and more! And since we are able to offer our customers many custom features and styles you never have to trade off on your yard’s aesthetic for safety.

Pool Fence Height

All of our pool fences are offered in two different heights:  48” and 60”. Our most common pool fence height that we install for clients is the 48” pool corral fence. It is the Life Saver basic fence with quad core poles, 2 rows of stitching on the border and the industry standard hook and eye type of latches. However, many customers elect to install a different height of pool fence depending on their individual preferences and needs. King’s Pool Fencing also offers custom heights for special needs like dog or other pet fences.

Color Options

Black pool fence is our standard Life Saver pool fencing color, however, many of our customers prefer an alternative color option to match the look of their backyard. We also offer pool fences in tan, brown, and copper color. Contact us today for other color options.

The Life Saver Brand

King’s Pool Fencing only offers Life Saver Pool Fence – the strongest and highest quality mesh pool safety fence available in the market. Our pool fences feature a three-layer solid pole construction that has been tested to withstand over 100lbs of force. Our fence itself uses high grade 12-12 mil Textilene® polyester mesh fabric that has a mildew resistant polyvinyl coating providing customers with years of use in even the harshest sunlight and the most extreme winters. The fence is woven with a continuous basket weave that boasts an incredible tensile strength rating of 270 lbs. per inch making it impossible to rip under normal use.  Finally, the borders are QuadStitched with the strongest marine thread to allow for years of abuse from direct sunlight and the elements.

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King’s Pool Fencing is the expert when it comes to pool safety and mesh pool fencing in Los Angeles, California. With us you get the best mesh pool fence available, which means you can trust that your family will be safe. The safety of your family safety is our highest priority.

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