Swimming Pool Safety Evaluation

How Many Layers of Protection Do You Have in Place?

Owning a swimming pool can provide a lot of fun for the whole family. However, as parents, safety should be our first priority. You should know that your pool can be especially dangerous if you have younger kids at home. Drowning is the number one cause of accidental death for children 1-4 years old.

As a safety-first company, King’s Pool Fencing recommends using the below form to help you evaluate your pool for child safety.

  • High locks on all doors and windows that lead to the pool
  • Alarms on all the doors and windows that lead to the pool
  • No doggy door/sealed doggy door leading to the pool
  • Pool safety fence with a self-closing, self-latching gate between the home and pool that isolates the pool
  • Alarm in the pool that detects entry
  • Perimeter fence around the entire backyard
  • Automatic pool safety cover
  • Pool net
  • Children under 5 wear personal immersion alarms, e.g. Safety Turtle
  • All children in the house over 12 months old have completed/are enrolled in swim survival training
  • All adults in the house know how to swim
  • All adults in the house know CPR
  • You use Water Watcher lanyards during pool time

Drowning is a harsh reality for swimming pool owners in Los Angeles, CA that is why we recommend implementing the above-mentioned multiple layers of protection. The more layers of protection in place, the safer the pool and the closer you are to a fail-safe system.

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