When choosing a pool safety fence to install in your backyard, there are many different factors to take into consideration. The first being, of course, safety. Life Saver offers the safest pool fences available on the market and has been proven to be the safest, most convenient and effective layer of protection.

While safety is the most important thing to consider when choosing a pool fence, you likely also care about how it will look in your yard. One of the best things about Life Saver Pool Fences is that they are made of near-transparent mesh and have 96% visibility. That means whether you are close or even farther away when you look at a black mesh fence, you will be able to see through our mesh and enjoy the beauty of your pool. You don’t have to sacrifice on aesthetics for safety!

Our fences come in a variety of colors including black, brown, tan, or white, but which color should you choose?

Black Fences

The black mesh fence is the most traditional choice of all the colors. Black fences offer a clean, traditional look and will blend in nicely with your yard. However, many customers choose to have a colored choice installed that blends with your yard’s decor.

Brown Fences

Brown fence is our most popular color and is a great option if you want a softer look or if you have red or brown tiling surrounding your pool. Taking the design of your patio into consideration can help you greatly when deciding on what color fence to have installed. With the brown we have two color options for the poles a traditional chocolate brown pole or the copper vein pole. The chocolate brown poles come with brown mesh, while the copper vein poles are offered with either brown mesh or black mesh with brown borders.

Tan Fences

Tan fences are ideal for yards that have a desertscape or tan cinder block walls as it will blend in nicely with your yard’s design rather than stand out. If your pool is surrounded by sand instead of tiles or cement, a tan fence is also a nice choice. Our tan fence uses tan poles and border with a brown mesh to ensure the mesh is the most transparent and see through that it can be.

White Fences

A white fence is ideal for homeowners who want to use their pool fence to accent your yard and compliment white furniture. White mesh is a great choice if your home is fenced in by a white fence creating a beautiful look for your backyard. Our white fence comes with white poles and border with black mesh to ensure the fence is always see through and transparent.

Customers also have the option of choosing what color poles they select to compliment the color mesh they have picked. For example, the copper poles go nicely with both black mesh or brown mesh fences, while other customers prefer tan poles with brown mesh. Alternately as a special order, you can have the poles match the mesh. We recommend staying with black or brown mesh as they are the most transparent and see-through mesh offered.

Pool safety is important for every homeowner, especially for those who have younger children or pets in their home. For over 30 years parents in Los Angeles have been relying on Life Saver mesh pool fences as a primary form of drowning prevention.

Now is the perfect time to install a pool fence to protect your family and give you the peace of mind that everyone in your household is safe. To schedule your pool fence installation contact us today at (877) 521-5569.